about the thicky chicky

So if you landed on this page you are probably wondering what the thicky chicky is about. The tagline of the thicky chicky is “dope clothes for thick chicks”. To us, the thicky chicky is more than just an online clothing boutique for curvy women. It is an opportunity to do better as a society with regards to body acceptance. the thicky chicky espouses the notion that women of all body sizes are beautiful. We know that young women and girls especially fall prey to societal messages about body image and at a young age are taught to uphold body ideals that are in many ways unattainable. the thicky chicky seeks to challenge these deep-seated notions by creating a shopping experience that both cultivates and elevates the confidence of the curvy woman.

We at the thicky chicky not only want you to look good in our clothes, we want you to fall in love with your body in the process. Because the confidence that is borne from doing so is, in our opinion, the epitome of dopeness.

the thicky chickyconsists of three retail components: specially-curated vintage clothing, clothing from select manufacturers, and lastly, a small capsule collection designed by Izzy Lopes which is expected to launch in the spring of 2014.

about the owner, Izzy Lopes

HEADSHOTAs a designer and owner of the thicky chicky, Izzy Lopes has been immersed in fashion for several years. She has her own style and fashion blog called Izzygetsbizzy and serves as a blogger editor for SKORCH Magazine. Ms. Lopes is a strong advocate of philanthropy and volunteerism and hopes to partner with local and national nonprofit organizations that are doing phenomenal work in empowering women and girls in their communities. Izzy Lopes holds an MSW (Master of Social Work) and MPH (Master of Public Health) and spends the occasional weekend volunteering for the women’s shelter and soup kitchen Rosie’s Place and serving as a Big Sister as part of the Big Brother Big Sister program. For inquiries about the thicky chicky or to learn more about Izzy please contact us!