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vintage styling tips with Ivory J.

the thicky chicky is pleased to feature blogger Ivory J. for this month’s blogger collab! For those of you who don’t know Ivory J., she is the sassy and stylish blogger at www.ivoryjinelle.blogspot.com. Her style is vibrant and eclectic and she is constantly leaving her readers chomping at the bit for more. Her keen eye for vintage pieces and her styling is, in my opinion, unmatched. Ivory hails from California and upholds the notion that fashion rules are meant to be broken. Read on to see what makes Ivory J. a dope chick!


Ivory J’s thrifting tips

For as long as I can remember, I have always followed my own rules.I don’t dress for anyone else but myself and I wear what makes me happy. I’m not much of a trend follower and I believe in following your own fashion rules–that is what makes you dope and stand out from the crowd!
With regards to vintage clothing, the qualities I look for are pretty standard. I look at how well the garment has held up over the years and do an assessment of the wear a garment has . Over the years, I have learned to decipher stains and am pretty adept at determining what will and will not come out. I use my hand wipes to rub a stain and if it lifts, I know that it is something that will come out easily in the wash. Knowing what stains will come out and what won’t definitely takes practice! If a vintage piece has beading, I do a quick look-over the garment to see how many beads are missing and if it is something that is repairable. I love pieces with metal hardware, especially zippers! I LOVE metal zippers!
When thrifting, try to keep an open mind. I always tell people not to go with a specific item in mind, because you will almost never find that item and you will be blind to all the possibilities out there. Make sure you bring hand sanitizer or hand wipes (mainly for Salvation Army/Goodwill trips) and wear leggings and a tank top in case the thrift store doesn’t offer a dressing room. I always tell people not to bypass the men’s section (which people normally do) because you never know what gem you will find. Also, (and I can’t stress this enough) make sure you try on EVERYTHING regardless of the size on the tag. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box because a dress you spot might not fit as a dress but my look cute as a skirt. It is important to know your measurements, especially for online vintage pieces. In my personal vintage collection you will find dresses that are labeled Small and Medium, but fit my body perfectly. When thrifting, I aways make it a point to check out the accessories. I once found a deadstock Gucci bag for $30 once. Seriously! Don’t be afraid of the smell the grimier stores may carry. I’ve found that the grimier the store is, the better selection (this is when you need to put your hand sanitizer to work!)! Don’t be afraid to dig through overstuffed clothing bins and sift through overfilled clothing racks. The key is not to lose patience; yes, there is a chance that you might not find anything that day but the next day you may hit the jackpot. I have gone thrifting plenty of days and found nothing and then the next trip score an insanely perfect sequin blouse.

People always ask me where is my favorite place to thrift. The truth is, I don’t have one! I never met a thrift store/flea market that I didn’t like! I do love the Melrose Trading Post that occurs on Sundays here in Los Angeles. Depending on much you’re willing to pay, the best way to find vintage pieces are actual vintage stores. They can be pricey but can you put a price on love??? Here in Los Angeles, American Vintage has a really great selection.

Jazzing up vintage pieces

If you’ve read my blog then you know that I am really into prints. I don’t really wear a lot of accessories when I am wearing vintage clothing. I usually throw on some earrings and a few oversized rings, and I’m done!I don’t have any rules about what I choose to wear with my vintage pieces; I look at my accessory wall and pick what I think goes best. If it’s an elaborate piece, I pick smaller earrings and no necklace. I’ve become more conscious about not letting my jewelry overwhelm what I’m wearing.

Some people want to know how to effectively pair contemporary and vintage clothing–it is actually very easy! Couple vintage trousers with a cropped blazer. Try wearing over-the-knee boots with a beaded vintage sweater dress. I used to have a rule of not wearing all vintage at once, but decided to break that rule! I can pair a vintage skirt and blouse together and throw on some heels and feel complete!
Ultimately,patience, an open mind and willingness to think outside the box are your best friends when vintage shopping and styling! Have fun and make and follow your OWN rules!

Thanks Ivory for sharing these great thrifting and styling tips!

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November 10, 2013

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