vintage policy

We pride ourselves in the uniqueness of our vintage items as well as our attention to detail. Every one of our vintage pieces has been curated by owner Izzy Lopes. If you are looking for something funky and eclectic, the thicky chicky is the place to go for all your vintage needs!

It is also important to note that vintage size numbers are not the same as modern size numbers. Therefore, please do not rely on the size number listed as the sole way of determining fit. The best way to determine whether a vintage item will fit is to take something you already own and compare the measurements to the measurements of the listed item.

All of our vintage items are sold in “as is” condition. Every effort is made to describe any defects or flaws in the item. Please refer to our Vintage Condition Chart to see how we categorize our items.

Please note that we do not accepts returns on our vintage items. There are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. If you have specific questions about any of our pieces, please contact us!

A note about measurements for vintage items:

  • Our measurements are an approximation (to .25-.5 of an inch) so keep that in mind when measuring yourself.
  • Measurements are taken with the fabric laying flat. So if a dress says the bust length is 22″ that means you have to double for the circumference which would make the bust of the dress 44″ all around. Keep in mind you will need to account for comfort in your measurements. So if a waist says 40″ you need to be a bit smaller than 40″ to fit the garment comfortably. How much depends on you & your idea of comfort.
  • We measure items in their un-stretched state & always mention if fabric stretches or not.
  • On the bustwe measure underarm to underarm.

Vintage Condition Chart:

Mint/Perfect: Self explanatory. Rare
Near Mint: Like new no noted flaws
Excellent: Noted minor flaws which do not compromise the item.
Very Good: Noted minor flaws, easily repairable, wearable as purchased.
Good: Noted minor flaws, most likely repairable, wearable with care.
Fair: Numerous noted flaws, some significant, possibly repairable/wearable.